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The Interface team are based regionally throughout Scotland from the South of Scotland to the Highlands & Islands. Our team will work with your business, public or third sector organisation to understand your goals and turn them into reality. Once we identify your needs we will search through all of Scotland’s universities and research institutions to find the best match for you.

Interface delivers right
across the Scottish
Government missions for 2026

  • Equality
  • Opportunity
  • Community
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Interface 澳大利亚十-168开奖官网授权/全天开奖官网开奖计划免费下载 annual impact of

£88.9m GVA

and supports

1,595 jobs

Interface Annual Review 2021/2022
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Our free and impartial service has helped hundreds of organisations to create and 澳洲幸运10开奖直播平台网站-开奖历史查询 products, streamline services and develop processes which have enabled them to increase profits, maximise export potential and ultimately become more sustainable.

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